Back From Neverland

” Is that it, pete ?” she said when they finally arrived at the place she familiar with, ” Is it a goodbye? ”

“you knew i can’t leave neverland,”

“But i like it there,” She mumbled

“I know” He smiled whilst pat her head gently

“Don’t do that, I am older than you,” she  pouted her lips.

“Technically yes, ” He giggled

“Do you know, Pete?” She asked, her eyes fixed into a big house in front of them, “you did know why i don’t want to leave neverland, didn’t you ?”

“Why? don’t you miss home ?” He asked back instead of answering.

They both standing there at the lawn of a suburban house where they first met. The old willow tree ‘s branches keep knocking the window of the room at second floor. It’s indeed a windy night. The both looking at that window  where they first met. It start become nostalgic, the silhouette of a boy by the moonlight sitting at that window and a brown haired girl with freckles in her cheek in her favorite night gown peeking below her blanket.

” It’s just scary world out here, Pete ” She mourned desperately.

” The world is scary, Wen. Even in neverland,” He assured her, “Believe me you won’t want spent a life time being chased by nutcase pirate,”

Wendy laugh a bit. maybe it’s the first time she laughed that evening

“So , are ready for going home?” he offer his hand to her “Shall we?”

” We shall” she reach out his hand.

Peter smiled. They both start floating in the air, hand in hand  for the last time. Peter guide her to the second floor window, unlocked just like when they left it. Peter make sure Wendy land smoothly in her room before  he perched by the window. Wendy stumbled a bit  but she quickly found her balanced.

” I though you already expert on landing after those fairy dust training”

” I also tough i am,”  She grinned, “I probably  need more practices”

” You don’t need to fly here, Wen”

“I guess i am,”  She frowned

“So good bye, Wen” He start floating into the air, “It’s really a pleasure to know you. I really am”

“Good bye, Pete” She whispered watching her best friend drift away to the moon. She look at the window until she finally lose him from her sight. She stand there for few minutes  until she decide to crawl to her bed, letting the window open. The curtain continue flowing a few times as the night wind slowly entering the room. Wendy shrugged herself below the blanket,  pretending to be asleep so neither of her parents knew what happen to her tonight.

That’s why when ms. darling check her out just like she would do every other day, she has no clue that tonight is special. She just gently close the window so her daughter wouldn’t get sick at that cold night, not knowing that its her daugther itself who let it open. She caress her hair and give her forehead a good night kiss. Mrs Darling look at her daugther sleeping’s face and whispered, ‘Oh, why can’t you remain like this for ever!’

Wendy kept her eyes closed continue pretending to be a sleep .  Nevertheless, for none who knew. She hated peter pan with all her heart for him who never grew up. It is more an envy than a hate. if she could exchange those fairy dust with the ability to stop the time, she would. Henceforth Wendy knew that she must grow up..

even she didn’t want to.



– Shamelessly  take some dialog from  Finding Neverland (J.M. Barrie), and for you that might haven’t notice, yes that also where the characters in this fiction from.


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