Fiction : Not A Pair

It was a nice cozy restaurant in the downtown. It’s a quite fancy restaurant, i guess- looking at the menu which show a quite number of dollar for a pair of steak or bottle of good booze. I probably wouldn’t  want spent a dime here if its not a free dinner  voucher provide by the firm for what i’ve done for them this year. So here i am ordering the most fancy wine i can order and some french food with a name i even  cannot pronounce. while waiting for my date to come,  i continue taping my finger at the table nervously. It’s not like first time for me to have dinner date, but it probably the first time for quite significant period of time. I  actually don’t even sure if i can call him my date tonight. He is an intern in my firm – 5 years younger than me. We got really close lately and i know he kind of fancy me. Nope, its not like a romantic attraction,  yet it’s more like junior to senior’s respect I guess. Us it’s completely platonic.  That’s might be one of the reason why i ask him out when i got this free not-so-romantic dinner.

He is a bit late when i saw him enter the restaurant, panting. It’s traffic out there, i guess. I wave my hand to let him know where i sit, he saw me and give a sign to the waiter who just about to ask him whether he has made a reservation . He come to me as with a big bucket of white flower in his hand. Roses – well at least he god a good sense.

” congratulation, I know you’ll make it ,” he said with a big grin.

“thanks, I’m glad you  can make it. Have a seat,” I said, ” I hope you don’t mind, I have placed an order for you”

“Nah it’s my fault to come late. Few, It’s crazy traffic out there. I accept anything free tonight,” he winked.

I hate to admit it but i flustered for a moment. He looks fine in his suit, pretty much different with the usual him at i saw in the office, not a final year intern in faded jeans and sneaker. Now,  I am quite glad that put on my best little black dress and touch up my face with make up that i got from my mom for christmas.

“You’re so impressive” he adds, “Indepedent, strong, and corgrats for tge promotion”

I giggled, ” you’re just being  kind really.  That is the only thing i can do”

” but not everyone make it this far, right? “He said, ” I am not”

“They’ll hire you permanently. Richard told me this morning,” I take my wine glass for a toast,”Congratulation to you too then”

“This night is about you not me. So how should you i serve you tonight, milady ?”

I laughed again,”The waiter will serve us, you don’t have to. But if you insist, you can start pour me another glass of wine”

“My pleasure”

We both laughed.

“i can’t believe you spent a night like this with me” He add ” You should find someone special soon”

i rolled my eyes,”That’s your benefit then. At least you got a free dinner”

“I guess” He grinned, “But that because you never really search for someone. I mean look at you,”

” Did I mention that you’re impressive ?” He adds

” Twice tonight, A couples everyday, And hundreds since i know you”

” Wow, you keeping track” He smiled, ” I should’ve known that”

” I am good at numbers” I laughed ” But yeah.. you know there is  a distinct  differences between looked impressive and pretty right? And most of the time you know what they’ll choose”

” why don’t you just search someone who prefer to see you look impressive than pretty then”

” Ya.. let me know if that kind of guy do exit,” I silent looking at my reflection through wine glass. sparkling,  reflecting my one blue eye that was left since that accident two years ago. one. not a pair.


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