A Happiness List

Just because i am in a mood to make another growing post. Let’s list up things that make me happy eventough that it’s probably going weird:

  1. a theme park with its happy go lucky visitor
  2. a really good photo that was snapped by my low level photography skill
  3. an instant noodle cup on cheat day
  4. a good tea blend at  office every morning
  5. that bunch of ilegally downloaded movie on my pc
  6. A lazy sunday afternoon when you literally doing nothing
  7. a free ticket that was flash right in front of my eye
  8. that rum raisin mochi ice cream
  9. an random itinerary that you make without thinking
  10. reading some quotes from movie/song/books
  11. a notif on my phone
  12. another disney life action movie
  13. a stranger that offer to help lift up my suitcase at stair in subway
  14. a highspeed internet connection
  15. a simple compliment that threw to you without any intention
  16. a tidy room which is a exceptional because its usually a complete mess
  17. reading someone blog
  18. A feeling when you look liked professional when you’re not
  19. A display of pretty pretty dessert in store’s window
  20. That full course meal with unspellable name
  21. And a glass of wine on top of that
  22. A cheap bus ride across the countries
  23. Buying someone something
  24. Snuggling
  25. A new water dispenser in my room
  26. A coupon code over discounterd item
  27. A proper breakfast
  28. A shit emoji 💩
  29. A kindle and its feature which make thing why i didn’t have this stuff in the first place
  30. making a weird list (oh this is one)



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