Life Reel

I was told that my whole life will be flashing in front of my eyes the moment i am dying. do i believe that? Well, i am not sure. But indeed life is a series of moment, picture, quote that come one after another in sequence just like in a film-reel.

Therefor i am writing this post, for the sake avoiding awkward moment flashing my life whilst  being watch by an angel. Or simply just because i want you to become part of my life-reel.

Or maybe just to give you some thing to read (just in case you’re bored.)

So here you a shameless compilation of  all the interesting (or mostly stupid) quote/ moment in my life. This is a growing post i’ll put more if i found a good one.

And yes, in case you haven’t realize it, my life sometime can be come a complete mess.


– Things that you said to yourself when you go to Facebook and found out your old crush is getting married and so is the person who used to have a crush on you.

“be your self! life  is too short just for regretting what you haven’t done or who you are. “

– Another random self-talk because of Facebook-walking and realizing that you’re surrounded by amazing people that doing amazing things. While you are still..

well, nothing.

“i wish fountain of youth does exits”

– The moment you feel..

Well, old

“i will live my life to the fullest”

– The moment you stop for a while and look around, and feel extremely grateful for your own life. or at least because you just re-run one drama ;P

“In this life, there is an distinct between field: engineering, design, art, business etc.
its very often that i don’t know what i want to do and sometime i want to all of them.”

– A quotable word that stuck on you head because of this

“Oh, Okay..”

– The only thing you can say when your SPV says you miss one important step which make all your result is wrong, and you need to do re-analysis your data at H-2 submission. Oh did I already mention H-2?

“Oh.. Msc.. why? Really? WHY?!”

– Basically what you can say when you felt your soul left your body for moment above

“Hang in there, You’re one of the strongest person i know “
– A wise friend when you told her the  moment above

“well, you know. what ever doesn’t kill you just make you stronger”
– Same wise friend when you told her moment above AGAIN!

“Result will never betray process”
– Another wise friend that when you shamelessly told her how desperate you are for being stupid no matter how hard you tried.

“Well, ɪ used to work in retail, i once standing for more than 12 hours in 5cm-wedges”

-How you answer your boss when he ask you to change your shoes for the sake of the job. complete blog post -> here

” Well, at least he was chosen by a god”
– An answer for my damn stupid question, how come a king become a KING?!

” you’ll need a time like this, when you just enjoy life”
– A friend when you sit in a nice restaurant with a damn good view

” live your life like a boss”
– A friend when you go to lower currency country

“Human potential is unlimited, its just our mind that make the limit”
– The moment you fly up high despite the fact that you have a thing with height.

“Did you miss HOME?”
– the moment when everything gets hard

” Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bite”
– the moment that you get bitten by the bed bug, literary.

“So, what exactly do you want?”

– a question that was thrown to me  when i asked myself the exact some  question.

“There is 2 person inside me”

– the statement that make you really want to be sarcastic.

“Can people just do some good deeds without any other intention?”

-the moment that you start doubting sincerity in humanity,

“You’re the only person i know who can live so frugal”

– a friend when we talked about.. err money

“Your pride is truly something ya”

-An ex when i told him about my current ( now already become another ex-) bf

“At the end we still love it. You  know culture, food, and basically everything about it but the people”

-Things that me and my friend can conclude about this particular country.

“I forgot that you’ve been that stupid”

-A good friend of mine who has no clue that I’ve done something even more stupid.

“He’ll leave sooner or later”

– A good friend of mine when we both talk about our relationship life that has more obvious ending than a cliche novel.

“Actually you’re not that anymore, right?”

– The statement that make you really want to be sacarstic part 2.

“Its weird, both of you”

– A good friend of mine commenting on my current relationship


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