I am mega. 20-something yo.  a proud engineer. a learning entrepreneur.

I am spending most of my time in front of PC because of my job. But in my free time, i am also run a small culinary and hospitality business.

Not a sporty person definitely, but i can’t say i am an artsy person cause i am not good at it. Yes, i am doing a bit photography and photo-editing but yeah that’s just a hobby that i almost never touched anymore since i become an 8-5 corporate’s slave.

I am an bibliophile and a writer ( what a surprise? well of course there should be a reason why i am here). Ignore spelling and grammar error in this blog since English wasn’t really my best friend.

Oh, In case you haven’t noticed, i am traveler and earth trekker. Sound adventurous? think again, let’s go back to the fact that i am computer geek, bibliophile and not a sporty person.

basically you can say i am..

A indoor person that love to wander.

A chronic introvert that cannot stop talking.

Sound complicated ? I know,, but in my defense, human is the most complicated creature in the world and the last time i check i am still part of it. Well,  maybe if you  bored enough read my post you can understand me better.

Happy reading ! Happy eavesdropping!

Oh that’s exclude you, Stalker!


All written spontaneously with my broken English (or  Indonesia ) from over-populated city, Jakarta.

Countries (Cities) i’ve visited: Australia (darwin, melbourne, sydney, and perth), China (beijing and shanghai), Denmark (copehagen), Japan(tokyo, yokohama, odaiba, and chiba) Malaysia (kuala lumpur), Norway (oslo, stavanger, odda and haugesund)
, Singapore (Singapore), Sweden (stockholm), Thailand ( bangkok and pattaya), United Kingdom ( Scotland, Great britain, and Nothern ireland), French (paris), Belgium (brussel), Turkey (Istanbul, kapadokya) Greece (athens, santorini) , Spain (malaga, barcelona,seville, granada), portugal (lisbon) , morroco (marakech, fez), Italy (Florence,Milan,Roma,and Verona) Iceland (Reykajvik, South coast), Germany ( Berlin and Munich), Austria (wien) , Hungary (budapest), Czech Republic (prague) , Hong kong , Macau, Korea (seoul), Vietnam (Hanoi, ho chi minh), Netherlands (amsterdam, delft, kinderdjik) And still keep walking..

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Instagram: @meguokuta



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