Life Reel

I was told that my whole life will be flashing in front of my eyes the moment i am dying. do i believe that? Well, i am not sure. But indeed life is a series of moment, picture, quote that come one after another in sequence just like in a film-reel.

Therefor i am writing this post, for the sake avoiding awkward moment flashing my life whilst  being watch by an angel. Or simply just because i want you to become part of my life-reel.

Or maybe just to give you some thing to read (just in case you’re bored.)

So here you a shameless compilation of  all the interesting (or mostly stupid) quote/ moment in my life. This is a growing post i’ll put more if i found a good one.

And yes, in case you haven’t realize it, my life sometime can be come a complete mess.


– Things that you said to yourself when you go to Facebook and found out your old crush is getting married and so is the person who used to have a crush on you.

“be your self! life  is too short just for regretting what you haven’t done or who you are. “

– Another random self-talk because of Facebook-walking and realizing that you’re surrounded by amazing people that doing amazing things. While you are still..

well, nothing.

“i wish fountain of youth does exits”

– The moment you feel..

Well, old

“i will live my life to the fullest”

– The moment you stop for a while and look around, and feel extremely grateful for your own life. or at least because you just re-run one drama ;P

“In this life, there is an distinct between field: engineering, design, art, business etc.
its very often that i don’t know what i want to do and sometime i want to all of them.”

– A quotable word that stuck on you head because of this

“Oh, Okay..”

– The only thing you can say when your SPV says you miss one important step which make all your result is wrong, and you need to do re-analysis your data at H-2 submission. Oh did I already mention H-2?

“Oh.. Msc.. why? Really? WHY?!”

– Basically what you can say when you felt your soul left your body for moment above

“Hang in there, You’re one of the strongest person i know “
– A wise friend when you told her the  moment above

“well, you know. what ever doesn’t kill you just make you stronger”
– Same wise friend when you told her moment above AGAIN!

“Result will never betray process”
– Another wise friend that when you shamelessly told her how desperate you are for being stupid no matter how hard you tried.

“Well, ɪ used to work in retail, i once standing for more than 12 hours in 5cm-wedges”

-How you answer your boss when he ask you to change your shoes for the sake of the job. complete blog post -> here

” Well, at least he was chosen by a god”
– An answer for my damn stupid question, how come a king become a KING?!

” you’ll need a time like this, when you just enjoy life”
– A friend when you sit in a nice restaurant with a damn good view

” live your life like a boss”
– A friend when you go to lower currency country

“Human potential is unlimited, its just our mind that make the limit”
– The moment you fly up high despite the fact that you have a thing with height.

“Did you miss HOME?”
– the moment when everything gets hard

” Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bite”
– the moment that you get bitten by the bed bug, literary.

“So, what exactly do you want?”

– a question that was thrown to me  when i asked myself the exact some  question.

“There is 2 person inside me”

– the statement that make you really want to be sarcastic.

“Can people just do some good deeds without any other intention?”

-the moment that you start doubting sincerity in humanity,

“You’re the only person i know who can live so frugal”

– a friend when we talked about.. err money

“Your pride is truly something ya”

-An ex when i told him about my current ( now already become another ex-) bf

“At the end we still love it. You  know culture, food, and basically everything about it but the people”

-Things that me and my friend can conclude about this particular country.

“I forgot that you’ve been that stupid”

-A good friend of mine who has no clue that I’ve done something even more stupid.

“He’ll leave sooner or later”

– A good friend of mine when we both talk about our relationship life that has more obvious ending than a cliche novel.

“Actually you’re not that anymore, right?”

– The statement that make you really want to be sacarstic part 2.

“Its weird, both of you”

– A good friend of mine commenting on my current relationship


Another Summer

‘ I start doubting about significant other or is he really out there”

That what a good friend told me once which i replied by a simple nodded. We both woman in our late 20s and this is what come to our conclusion after stumbled here and there. But of course it doesn’t mean that we stop believing. Our conversation remind me to one scene in ‘500 days of summer’. The scene when summer talk to tom in the bench.



Tom: You know what’s sucks? Realizing what you believing is completely bullshit. It’s sucks.

Summer: What do you mean?

Tom: You know… destiny, soulmate, true love, childhood fairy tale, non sense. You are right. I should have listen to you

Summer: No.

Tom: Why are you smiling?

Summer: Tom, well, you know, I guess it’s cause I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Gray and a guy comes up to me and ask me about it and now he’s my husband.

Tom: Ya, and so?

Summer: What if I had gone the movies? What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch? What if I got there ten minutes later? It was… it was meant to be. And I just kept thinking Tom was right. It’s just wasn’t me you are right about.

That scene basically explain what i am thinking right now.So probably it is. just like what Summer say to Tom.


” And I just kept thinking Tom was right. It’s just wasn’t me you are right about.” 


Looking at summer’s statement then maybe they  do really are exits, a person who so called significant other. It’s just the timing wasn’t right, the place wasn’t right, and most likely the person was never be right. It is just probably will not  be like a movie. You stumbled in a wrong person and going somehow magically that significant other appear right in front of your eyes. It won’t be  directly go from summer to autum just like in 500 day of summer. It probably require 1-3 summer, then winter and spring or even more.

So us? Are we giving up? Are we tired of waiting?

No. as i told before indeed i start of doubting but that doesn’t mean that i stop believing. It’s just i am on state that i am probably okay if.. just if that autum will never ever come to me. I am totally already accept the possibility that there is no-half-apple for everybody..

probably indeed some soul  was already completed by their own.

So what next? you may ask ?

Is that all sound desperate ?

well, in fact it’s not.

currently, i am okay with another summer.

and eventually if you not really expecting something, another summer actually make you happy.

And if..

Just if..

The person that you think as ‘summer’ eventually become an ‘autumn’ that would be pleasant surprise.




A Happiness List

Just because i am in a mood to make another growing post. Let’s list up things that make me happy eventough that it’s probably going weird:

  1. a theme park with its happy go lucky visitor
  2. a really good photo that was snapped by my low level photography skill
  3. an instant noodle cup on cheat day
  4. a good tea blend at  office every morning
  5. that bunch of ilegally downloaded movie on my pc
  6. A lazy sunday afternoon when you literally doing nothing
  7. a free ticket that was flash right in front of my eye
  8. that rum raisin mochi ice cream
  9. an random itinerary that you make without thinking
  10. reading some quotes from movie/song/books
  11. a notif on my phone
  12. another disney life action movie
  13. a stranger that offer to help lift up my suitcase at stair in subway
  14. a highspeed internet connection
  15. a simple compliment that threw to you without any intention
  16. a tidy room which is a exceptional because its usually a complete mess
  17. reading someone blog
  18. A feeling when you look liked professional when you’re not
  19. A display of pretty pretty dessert in store’s window
  20. That full course meal with unspellable name
  21. And a glass of wine on top of that
  22. A cheap bus ride across the countries
  23. Buying someone something
  24. Snuggling
  25. A new water dispenser in my room
  26. A coupon code over discounterd item
  27. A proper breakfast
  28. A shit emoji 💩
  29. A kindle and its feature which make thing why i didn’t have this stuff in the first place
  30. making a weird list (oh this is one)


Blog Roll : Lesson learned 

“Well, technically you weren’t dumped since both of you never really been in a relationship”

That’s what a good friend of mine tell me when i told her that i was dumped. Well, logically she isn’t wrong. but really? Why it was not consider dump just because there is  never been or never will be  an existence of confession? After stumbled here and there, i’ve come with a conclusion that yo don’t need to be in relationship to get dumped.

And yes, if you ask me, I, like anybody else in this world, unfortunately have been dumped (Well, okay maybe not everyone..). Twice to be exact. One when i was in relationship, another one is not. The one that was in relationship, I wasn’t hurt at all, not even angry. I see this coming and it takes make like a few minutes to move on. While another one, the one that my friend said it was technically not being dumped, i was crying all night, took me a month go through denial phase, self blaming phase, wanting revenge and go back  again like a random loop. It’s took me 3 month to move on, and go back in instant the moment i met him in person. A tiny kind gesture from him can make me stay in the game that i have zero chance to win. Even so, They told me i wasn’t being dumped just because he never verbally asked me out? and I have no right to feel upset because technically he did nothing wrong? Okay, he’s not a big O jerk (let’s not go to the detail here). But,you got my point, right? It’s not about the matter of the status of your relationship, or the duration you’re being with someone. Those thingscannot determined how deep your feeling toward someone or how much will it hurts when that particular someone leaves you.

Then the relationship status doesn’t really matter, right?

I was asked that exact question a several times too. And Yes, it maybe cannot determined a lot of things. But for me, it’s still matter alot. It give you a privilege to enter his life or invite him to your life. Give you privilege to randomly let him know what happen to your life by a non-sense text that you randomly sent just because you’re bored. a privilage to be a bit needy or even spoiled once in a while. a sense of belonging that let you know that you’re belong to someone. Small thing that will help you threw away those pride you usually have so that you’ll be able to show a bit of affection? Isn’t it things that probably you won’t do to just a regular friend ?

But again human’s relationship is indeed never been simple, whether it’s something that was called a ‘relationship’ or ‘friendship’, the one who has deeper feeling most likely will get hurt. Therefor, it has to be equal to make it work.

equal love. equal feeling. equal expectation.

Isn’t relationship is  all about comprimising each other flaws and need?

Previously, I always think that the opossite of ‘i like you’ is ‘i don’t like you’. But i forgot that there is also a things like :

‘I like you but just not enough’

‘I like you but not as much as you did’

‘Maybe i just like you too much’

It is indeed crazy world out there with gazillion people in this planet. We coincidentaly accross each other path. We connected to each other with or without intention. so until you found the person that equally love you just like you did.

Why don’t we try our best not hurt or getting hurt to each other?

16 sign that you’re a long term traveler or at least you’ve done it once

1. You didn’t make full itinerary of your journey
2. Sleeping in the airport is as comfortable as in your room
3. Map doesn’t intimidate you
4. “I’ve been here picture” isn’t as important as before
5. And so does souvenir from each place you visit
6. But it doesn’t hurt to have them occasionally
7. “Packing and re-packing” doesn’t bother you
8. And so does “not-changing” clothes everyday
9. You can make something work in unconventional way
10. Which mean you can  make every item multi-function
11. Regular tourist spot become less interesting for you
12. You bring water bottle anywhere
13. you will unconsciously searching for free wifi
14. You’ll have system to manage all your ticket and boarding pass.
15. You’ll eventually forgot about what day is today
16. Yet date is whole other story.

If this happen to you,
the sky is your roof and the world is your home 🙂

We are strong, cause we used to work in retail.

“i am done with all the paper work”

“wow that’s fast”

“well, there aren’t much to do”

“just wait until the conferences start, we have hundreds rooms to check” -, glance at my flat shoes, ” you might want to change the shoes”

“Well, ɪ used to work in retail, i once standing for more than 12 hours in 5cm-wedges”

“you are always smiling, that’s good!”

“Well, I used to work in retail, I used to smile while customer screaming at me”

– a real conversation at my summer job.

One word , One moment

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you just need one moment to make a big change in your life,

one simple thing can make you worry,

one word can make you cry,

even one sleepless night can make you think,

you just need that kick,

that remind you that life is that short,

remind you the thing that you used to like,

a kind of person you used, should or going to be,

its just that simple.

– for a friend that give me that ‘kick moment’ , a friend that i will never look the same again, a friend that i once cheated, a friend that i admire , a friend that i want to imitate-