REVIEW : Meiji amino collagen VS Shiseido amino collagen

hey girls! actually its not a new post. yet i move it from my old blog yet i thing you’ll love to know about amino collagen suplement. well i’ll review this. Continue reading “REVIEW : Meiji amino collagen VS Shiseido amino collagen”


Healthy Lunch/dinner Ideas: roasted salmon in soy souce and stuffed pepper

Hi, it’s me again! so today i will share you how i make my lunch today! basically its roasted salmon in soy sauce, stuffed pepper and slice kiwi.

so this is my first day join a lecture in busines school. the induction end at 1pm but i have some thing to do with my enrollment. so i just finish everything and got home by 2pm!! yes 2 pm!! and i god damn hungry T.T

so i decided to make simple and healthy lunch..!!PicsArt_1411738579321[1]

it’s look delicious, rite? well it is! its also super healthy.  i use one big plate to put appetizer , main course and dessert. let’s review it one by one.

appetizer : Stuffed pepper


  • 1 pepper
  • chicken salami
  • 2 tbs hummus dip
  • 1/4 onion
  • 1/4 mushroom

how to make :

  1. cut pepper into half remove the seed
  2. chop onion, mushroom , and chicken salami and mixed them together with hummus
  3. stuff the filling into pepper and pop it into pre-heated oven
  4. baked for +-7minutes 200 C oven

Main course : Roasted Salmon in Soy sauce

you’ll need:

  • 1 slice of salmon steak
  • 2 tbs of soy souce
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 mushroom
  • aluminium foil

how to make:

  1. slice carrot and mushroom.
  2. put sliced carrot and mushroom, salmon steak on alumunium foil then pour with soy sauce and lemon juice. Wrap it up and dump it into pre-heated oven. 10-15minutes 200C depend on you fish size.

Dessert : Sliced Kiwi

you’ll need:

  • kiwi , what do you expect? 😛

how to make :

  1. slice it! LOL

That’s all.. and you got a super delicious healthy lunch or dinner 🙂

good for you who is having a carb diet or just care about your health.

well yet its not healthy for you wallet since salmon is god damn expensive in UK 😛 (or most of country, i guess)


Healthy breakfast ideas : Banana Pancake :)

Since  i was living in UK, i promise myself to have a healthy lifestyle. It was because when I live in Australia i focus so much at saving money and eat a lot of junk food since it was way cheaper. however as a result i start to have break out all over my face an start to gain weight. So i don’t want that happen again to me. Well, as you know living outside the country esp in europe is way more expensive compare to living in Indonesia. Well, that’s not long as you can manage it you can even live a healthy and of course in budget life. We will talk about that later.

However what makes me happy living in here is some (or i can say many) healthy food are chepaer than indonesia and easy to have a healthy life in here. well, here’s some reason why:

1. healthy food is cheaper! well, not cheaper, yet quite the same price in Indonesia. yet since everything is expensive. It’s become not look so expensive. for ex: berries, salmon , kiwi, lemon, etc
2. healthy food is easy to find. you can find healthy cooking oil, some substitute healthy meal for vegetarian or vegan which hard to find in Indonesia in normal supermarket.  In Indonesia you need go to some specific store to got those ingredient. but not in here, everything was easy to find

So let’s start for one of my favorite breakfast. super quick easy and cheap ! i will put the price for some tips for you who also a student in foreign country!



ingredient :

  • 1 banana  ( 0,1pounds )
  • 1 egg (0,1Pounds)
  • 2 tbs of natural honey (use natural honey is way more healthy , 1,6 for one small bottle)
  • 1 tbs of plain yoghurt (0,84Pound for one big jar)
  • Fruit topping seriously you can use any kind of fruits and toping you like, just take a look on you fridge
  • a bit of butter or coconut oil so it wont stick on you frying pan

Fruit toping i use:

  • a bit of kiwi (1 Pounds a bag and seriously you’ll just need a big)
  • a bit of blackberries (0,5 pounds a pack)
  • a bit of raspberries (0,5 pounds a pack)

How to cook it:

    1.  Cut 1 banana in slice and mash it in bowl with a fork


    1. add 1 egg and 1 tbs of plain yoghurt. mix it well
    2.  heat frying pan with a little bit with light butter or coconut oil, pour the mixture into small circle. wait until it change colour then flip it up. cook the other side


  1. stack the pancakes you make. put fruit topping on it and finish it by pouring honey!

Super healthy breakfast is ready to eat! and as you see its only about 0,5 pounds!

a little tips for me. go buy freezer bag or some food storage. because you can not buy fresh fruit and veggies in small portion in market. and it wont last long. my experience you won’t be able to finish it especially when you live by your own. but you will want variety of fruit/veggies on your food. and doesn’t want same food every day.

so safe some on freezer bag and you can make smoothies anytime you want!