16 sign that you’re a long term traveler or at least you’ve done it once

1. You didn’t make full itinerary of your journey
2. Sleeping in the airport is as comfortable as in your room
3. Map doesn’t intimidate you
4. “I’ve been here picture” isn’t as important as before
5. And so does souvenir from each place you visit
6. But it doesn’t hurt to have them occasionally
7. “Packing and re-packing” doesn’t bother you
8. And so does “not-changing” clothes everyday
9. You can make something work in unconventional way
10. Which mean you can  make every item multi-function
11. Regular tourist spot become less interesting for you
12. You bring water bottle anywhere
13. you will unconsciously searching for free wifi
14. You’ll have system to manage all your ticket and boarding pass.
15. You’ll eventually forgot about what day is today
16. Yet date is whole other story.

If this happen to you,
the sky is your roof and the world is your home 🙂