Living in Darwin, Australia How Much it cost ?

It’s a bit strange to write Darwin living guide as now i am not it now I know living in UK not in Darwin anymore.

However before i make a living and travel guide about UK i would like to finish All the place i have been travel and one of them is Darwin. So i try to estimate the living cost when i live in Darwin.

So I have been in Darwin for my exchange semester. I totally depend on my scholarship which only provide me 5000AUD for 1 semester. Yes, it’s enough for basic living but of course you want to travel when you are outside the country so i need to save a lot.

living in Australia can be pretty expensive yet there’s a lot of part time job opportunity in there.

Yes by a lot I mean a lot ! Australia need a lot more part time student more than other country that i’ve been. I found a part time job 2 day after i arrive in Darwin. If you guys want me to write some guide about finding a part time job in Australia. please do comment

Any way back to topic. So how much it cost to live in Darwin, Australia ?

Note : I live in Darwin, for accommodation and transportation, it’s bit cheaper than big city like Sydney or Melbourne. yet the food and other it’s quite the same 🙂


For accommodation i live in Student Accommodation which is cost me around 616 AUD (month) with bond 1 month rent. Its a twin Share ensuite room which mean you’ll be sharing room with someone else. If single room it can cost 700-800 AUD

If you live in private accommodation, it will cost you 400-550 AUD for single room


The only inner-city public transportation in Darwin is bus. you’re lucky if you’re student because bus is free for student . you just need to show your student card. Darwin is the only city in Australia that give free inner city transportation.

If you are  not student Bus fee will cost you 3 AUD for 3 hours ticket and 20 AUD for weekly Ticket


for eating outside in Darwin will cost you about 10 AUD.

It always be Cheaper to cook your own food. Nomarly you’ll speed 20-40 AUD a week for groceries.

For a better overview here some groceries price in supermarket (woolworth) in 2012 :

  1. egg 3,6$/dozen
  2. bread 2 $/pack
  3. vegetable 5$/3bunch
  4. salt 2$ /kg 
  5. Cooking oil  2,5$/litre
  6. ketchup 2$/bottle
  7. orange 0,5$/500gr
  8. Indomie 0,55$/each

Traditional Market always be cheaper however in only open on weekend until 2-3pm. Market produce usuall Class 2 or 3. Class 1 veggie only sent to big super market. However as for me, it not so much different. I dint mind to see a bit damage on my veggie for way cheaper price 🙂


Movie  will cost you around 14 -18 AUD and you can get for 7-10 AUD for student.

You also can apply for CINE BUZZ card for free. and they will give you a nice offers and discount.


1 pieces Clothing can cost you 10 – 50 AUD depend on brand.

Last but not least  I will totally recommend..

Church Charity Shop

Most church in darwin open a charity shop for second hand stuff.

it was always cheap and useful for someone who living in budget.

and you also did a good deed at the same time.

I once buy forever21 short for only 1AUD which is still use until now and even i bring it to UK LOL

some church also sell coffe and cake which is really nice to have some treat while hunting for second stuff 🙂

Well basically that’s all. If there is anything more you want to know just let me know